There’s still time to score great deals…

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and now that December is here, you’re feeling ready for the rest of your holiday season. Many people were making plans for Black Friday shopping soon after digesting their Thanksgiving meal. If you didn’t have the enthusiasm or interest in all the Black Friday hype, the biggest shopping […]

Celebrity Style Inspiration to Travel in Comfort AND Style!


We’ve officially entered the busiest travel season of the year. When traveling, comfort and warmth are always the priority and many celebrities have perfected the art of maintaining their brand style while still remaining comfortable. They know the importance of representing their brand as they are always aware of the paparazzi lurking to catch a […]

The Luxurious Color of Confidence…


While catching up on episodes of Scandal, Portia de Rossi appeared on screen and I was mesmerized. She looked flawless! In her role as Elizabeth North, White House Chief of Staff, her brand style is confident, powerful and feminine. All three characteristics came together beautifully in this outfit and inspired today’s topic, the color of […]

Get an Easy Style Update with Fall Accessories!


Accessories add polish and a finishing touch to personalize your look. They also serve as the easiest and fastest way to update each season. I love the way accessories give insight into your personality and allow you to express your creativity. I’ve put together a head-to-toe list of my favorite accessories to help you choose […]

Fall’s Most Wearable Trends


The Fall season to the fashion industry is what the Super Bowl is to the NFL. There are weeks, no months of hype before the big reveal, lots of speculation about the front runners, everybody’s got their take on the best picks and when it arrives, anticipation builds then we all settle in and make […]

Fall for the Season’s Most Sophisticated Color!


Here in LA, we’ve been in the grips of a serious heat wave with lots of humidity. It’s been unseasonably hot and sticky, but despite the high temps, we still can shop to buy now and can hardly wait to wear later when the temps drop! I’m sharing my picks for some seriously hot fall […]

Are you secretly weighting?


As a Brand Style Strategist, I’ve been on countless photo shoot sets. It is the most awesome rush of adrenaline to witness a woman gain ease in front of the camera and transform from who she used to be to who she is becoming…right before my eyes! And yes, I see it time and time […]

How to Dress Camera Ready

My passion is working with women who are on a mission to move into their next level. They have a big vision and they have the determination and motivation to make it happen. When I met Claudia Langford, she had this vision and determination. She was in the process of transitioning out of her corporate […]

My Lightbulb Moment!


I hope you enjoyed your summer season and are getting ready for all that’s in store for you this fall. I spent much of my busy summer in studio with my clients – supporting and styling them before, during and after their branded photo shoots. Their reasons for stepping in front of the camera were varied. […]

Your Best Style Secret!


One of the biggest style enhancements that can immediately improve your body image, create a fit and youthful silhouette, improve your posture and make your clothes look better…a great bra! What defines a great bra? A great bra lays flat and smooth against your body from every angle. It has a comfortable fit that supports […]

How to Transition Your Wardrobe Into Summer


The official start to summer is in two weeks, my favorite season of the year! But just when the weather is starting to heat up and we can shed layers…it’s cold or raining outside again!!! The temperatures have been fluctuating all around the country…one week flirting with the promise of summer then taking a sharp […]

Style Lessons from a Queen!


I’ve never been much of a royal watcher since Princess Diana. But now, there’s a queen who stands out with confidence, style and grace like no other… Queen Letizia of Spain! Princess Letizia married Prince Felipe and became the Queen of Spain in May, 2004. She has made countless appearances and presentations as the beautiful […]

5 Ways to Dress Up Shorts!


Last week in part one of this two-part series, I shared tips about how to choose the right pair of shorts. Today I’m showing styling ideas to dress up your shorts! Many women don’t consider wearing shorts because they don’t think they have the body or legs to wear them. They may also think shorts […]

How to Select & Style Shorts!


In this first of my two-part series, I’m sharing ideas about how to wear shorts. Yes, shorts! They can be a nice alternative to skirts and pants when the weather heats up and will increase your wardrobe options. You may not have worn shorts in years, or maybe even never! Or you’re wearing shorts and […]



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